Virtual Science Fair 2020

Lifton Primary School Virtual Science Fair 2020


To celebrate the Great Science Share for Schools, Lifton Primary School decided to hold a virtual science fair.  The Great Science Share is an annual campaign designed to encourage children to share their scientific questions with new audiences.

Children from all classes were invited to submit a project answering any question they wished. Some children have entered as groups or as a small class bubble.

We are so proud of the amazing and varied entries that have been submitted. Some of the projects have been done at home, some in school but either way, you can see an enormous amount of work has gone into each of them. A huge well done to all those who have entered. Category winners and prizes will be announced by Friday 3rd July.

Please click on these project titles to view.

Why do Mentos react with coke? 

What animals are on our farm? 

What lives on my farm?

How do roller coasters stay on the track, whilst upside down?

What wildlife is in my garden?

Are ladybirds all female?

What animals live in my garden?

Why does it rain?

Why do Sloths sleep in trees?

How far is Neptune from the Sun?

Why is a flamingo pink?

Why do whale sharks and basking sharks swim with their mouths open? 

Why is the sea salty?

How is lightning made?

How does pressure in the midnight zone work?

What is the best material to make a boat?

Can we make a boat that floats? Robins class entry.

Can I make a gravity powered siphon fountain?

What wildlife lives in our garden?

What are the parts of a volcano?

Why don't pennies stay shiny?

What can we discover about water? Wrens and Wagtails class entry.

Which fruits float and which ones sink? Pine Martens class entry.