Diversity Statement

Lifton Community Primary School and Foundation Unit Statement For Equality And Diversity.

At Lifton Community Primary School and Foundation Unit, we embrace diversity by ensuring all pupils develop an understanding and appreciation of cultures and beliefs different to their own.

Lifton School is a small, rural school. It serves a wide catchment area consisting of rural households and long established local families from Devon and Cornwall. This context can limit experience of diversity for our pupils and it is vital therefore, that our children develop a sense of belonging to the local community and begin to understand and respect less familiar cultures and specific diversities. This is done by supporting diversity and inclusive practice across the school phases. We encourage our whole school community to be aware of what binds us as human beings, compassionately exploring the experiences of a range of diverse identities.

We aim:

1. To teach a curriculum which considers diversity in our history and to promote awareness, understanding and respect for diversity in our world.

2. To teach a creative curriculum that is broad and balanced, that supports the mental health of our pupils and their awareness of others’ needs.

3. To help children understand themselves and build positive relationships without prejudice. To above all else, consider what it is like to stand in someone else’s shoes and to encourage empathy and understanding.

4. To ensure that staff and the governing body are aware of current legislation surrounding equality and diversity and understand the school’s responsibility.

This is achieved through celebration of special days and festivals, an engagement with awareness-raising events such as Black History Month, e-safety day and Anti-Bullying week and the embedding of lessons learned through the achievements of individuals from diverse backgrounds across disciplines and through history.

The UK’s past was full of diversity and our children are entitled to learn about this diverse past. History lessons for example, enable them to see their connection to the past and to understand the UK today.

Please have a look at our curriculum overviews under the curriculum tab on our website for more detail.