Parking and Driving outside school

21st May 2021

Once again we have had complaints from parents, local residents and members of the public regarding inconsiderate and dangerous parking outside the school.

Please do not park on residents driveways. 

We have numerous parents parking right outside the school gates and on the zigzags causing congestion when there are empty spaces further down the road. 

If other vehicles cannot easily pass your car then you have chosen a dangerous and unsuitable parking space, and should park elsewhere.

If you live in the village please walk to school whenever possible.

If you have to drive to school please consider parking slightly further away and walking the rest of the way.


Please always follow the safety guidelines …

Keep your speed down

Turn your engine off - do not idle

Leave the middle of the road free, with enough room for other road users to easily pass through

Make sure your child leaves and enters your vehicle safely

Check for pedestrians and cyclists before opening a car door

Leave enough room on pavements for pedestrians and pushchairs to get past

Take care when reversing


Please keep restricted areas clear...

Zig Zags and school entrances

Dropped kerbs

Resident’s driveways

Opposite or within 10 meters of a junction- so that children can see cars and cars can see children


As you will see from Mrs Cripps’ letter in our Newsletter this week the school have been working hard with various authorities to try and improve the situation.  We ask that you please all be careful, safe and considerate with your driving and parking choices.