Welcome to Otters Class.

Our teachers are Mrs Clark and Mrs Russell.

Miss Curtis also works in our class.

We are year 3


Summer Term 2nd half-term.


Maths Knowledge organiser.

Geography Knowledge organiser.

Science Knowledge organiser.

Otters Express Yourself dress-up day.



Dress up as an inspirational person or character.



Summer term Homework overview.

Summer term Termly overview.

Fractions, Maths, Knowledge organiser.

Victorians, History, Knowledge organiser.

Plants, Science, Knowledge organiser.


Please click here for a list of activities that children can do inside and outside to keep active.


Autumn 2nd half-term Homework.

Spelling packs - Group 1a.     Group 1.     Group 2.


Meerkat mail story maps - videos on our Facebook group.



Clay Volcanos



Volcano paper collage


Our Anti-bullying pledges

As part of Anti-bullying week we all made pledges about what we could do. We put them altogether to unite us.



Our Stone Age houses



Autumn 1st half-term overview.

Autumn 1 st half-term homework.

Reading information for parents.