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The messy play session with Clare on the 19th Jan was a great hit!

It was very exciting for the children to paddle in the paint and see what marks their feet made on the paper roll. It was grand to see that this activity encouraged curiosity in the children who weren’t so  sure, and so some cars were driven through the paint too, instead of  toes!

Once everyone’s feet were dry the table was covered in coloured spaghetti, and the children (and mums) had a go at finding ways to get the spaghetti to say fill lots of different pots and pans.

On the 25th Jan returned to a craft session with pipe-cleaners and some super creations were taken home. The session ended with a music session (and cheeky monkey puppet) with Clare leading the fun!

This week will see our first obstacle course being set up in the hall  for the toddlers to help each other through…should be fun!