To Foxes Class

Our teacher is Miss Ross. We also have Mrs Taylor working in our class. 

We are Year 6


We went outside and sheltered in our hut to experience the torrential rain. We used this as inspiration to write our own atmospheric setting descriptions.

Have we painted a picture of the scenes we visualised in your mind?

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In Foxes we love to take our learning outside.  

Here we are measuring and comparing the perimeter and area of our two playgrounds. Our mission was to prove or dis-prove the hypothesis that a shape with a larger perimeter always has a larger area. Image result for oak leaf

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In February, we had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a Dragons’ Den style morning at the Ambrosia factory.

We were set the task of designing posters which would raise awareness about relevant environmental issues, such as how to reduce waste, conserving river water and recycling packaging.

We had great fun exploring ideas and un-leashing our creativity!

We were very excited to learn that our posters will be displayed throughout the Lifton factory, as well as Ambrosia’s sister factories nationwide.

Our morning finished with each of us being given a large bag of Ambrosia goodies to take home.

Thank you Ambrosia for such a wonderful morning!

Foxes used Kandinsky’s art work, with bold shapes and bright colours, to inspire their own artwork. He listened to o music to inspire his art and felt that the colours and shapes represented different feelings and sounds.


Nine Ashes 

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