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Summer Term Overview – Water



This week Robins had great fun building their confidence and developing their skills further.

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Our Topic this half term is adventures. For our stunning start Fledglings had an explorer day and Robins came into school dress as explorers.

We retold and re-enacted ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and hunted for bear paws on a real hunt.

During circle time we discussed what an explorer might need. Some of the children’s suggestions were, a map, a magnifying glass, binoculars, some food and a drink.

We all enjoyed our first stunning start day and are looking forward to sharing some of the exciting things we will have learnt at the fantastic finish at the end of  half term.

Ambrosia staff visited the school and worked with Robins and Pine Martens. Children created posters using recycled material to celebrate 100 years of Ambrosia. 

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What to expect, when? – Guidance to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage

The photographs below demonstrate some of the activities that have been available for all children throughout their continuous provision.

In Robins we have been looking through the photographs and talking about the activities they have chosen during their independent learning time. Linked with the characteristics of learning in the EYFS children have been able to reflect on their choices.

Super Hero characters based on the characteristics of learning e.g. Miss Super Chooser, Have a Go Hero, Link and Learn Hero, Miss Fantastic Focus, Achieving Iron Man (being proud of what they have achieved), I Know Agent, My Agent ideas and Super Explorer Man are displayed in Robin’s classroom for children to refer to.

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In forest school this half term children have been:

  • Using natural materials to make fences for farmyard animals.
  • Moulding playdough with sticks and pine cones etc to make animals of their choice.
  • Making bracelets.
  • Hunting and finding mini-beasts.
  • Making animal homes using sticks and leaves.


Our trip to Mrs Wilkie’s Menageri