SCIENCE CLUB – This club is run by Mrs Russell

ANIMAL CLUB – Mrs Taylor & Mrs Wood run this club.

Last week at Animal club we had a visit from Susan and Dave, the giant rabbits and Treacle, the Hamster. We also spent time with our school pets: Tulip, Treacle and George (guinea pigs), Fluffles (hamster) and a multitude of stick insects. The local paper came to take photos and write an article all about Lifton School’s love of animals. It will be appearing soon!

BOOK CLUB – Mrs Honey & Miss March run this club.

At Book Club we read a different book each week and then have activities linked to the book. This week we read ‘Christopher Nibble’ Christopher Nibble loves munching dandelion leaves. And he’s not alone. All the guinea pigs in Dandeville eat dandelion leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We then had a visit from our own school guinea pigs and the children were able to hold them as we discussed how to look after a guinea pigs.

WILD-TRIBE – This club is run by Mrs Stanbury.

Cross County – This club Is run by Mrs Clark & Mrs Davey.